Climate Change, Circular Economy, Environmental & Waste Management
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Our Story

Ouroboros was formed to assist the transformation of a developing nation through the collective efforts of industry experts across environmental domains.

Our Vision

Supporting a growing green economy that values social and environmental welfare by preserving natural resources and enabling local ingenuity - Utilise combined efforts and expertise for a sustainable next decade.

Consulting & Advisory

Consulting & Advisory is a medium to share expert guidance across sectors and industries beyond borders.

This vertical of Ouroboros involves taking advantage of our exposure to various facets of the environment and a broad spectrum of international and local expertise.

From extensive research and clinical evaluation to system design for efficient resource management or developing bankable projects.

Our senior and wider teams enable us to serve the needs of projects of all complexities.

Waste Collection & Recovery

Waste Collection refers to the process of managing materials, that are generated by households, businesses, and industries considered as 'waste' and discarded.

This vertical of Ouroboros is responsible for ensuring waste is collected and transported to a suitable facility to undergo appropriate end-of-life management.

This entails effective recovery, onward to treatment, and end disposal from the point of generation

Approach guided by inclusivity ambitions, local and sector development context.

Materials Circularity

Materials Circularity, on the other hand, involves collecting, recovering, and processing various inorganic materials so that they can be
reused or repurposed.

This vertical of Ouroboros helps reduce the net plastic load and amount of waste sent to landfills or openly burnt.

Leveraging its holistic and adaptable 'stitch-in' model, turning waste material into new products or goods that are traceable, compliant, and verifiable.

Thus fulfilling packaging sector circularity ambitions and national trajectories.


Our Goals

Our goals focus on widespread sustainability, and developing the capabilities of those around us. Pursuing projects aligning seamlessly with global aspirations, regional commitments, and national targets - a mission to shape a better world for future generations.
Ouroboros endeavors are more than just waste management and materials circularity; they are driven by uncovering pathways to a greener, more equitable, and prosperous future for all beyond borders.
Invent symbiotic systems and infrastructure to turn plastic waste into an infinite resource. Scaling the circularity of plastics into profits while lifting people out of poverty.
Together, the complementary verticals, drive our pursuits of a transformative shift towards a circular plastic economy, tackle pressing environmental challenges head-on, and create a positive impact across multiple dimensions.


Over 2.2 million MT of plastic waste produced annually – with 32+ million MT of Mismanaged Waste across Pakistan.



Our process is driven by Traceability, Compliance, and Ethical Supply Chain parameters. 
These measures have helped us create the following in our extended ecosystem
Years of Excellence
KG Collected & Recycled
Lives Directly Impacted
KGs of GHG Emissions Saved




Committed To Critically Evaluate & Develop Localised Solutions